Fulgent Genetics has acquired Fulgent Pharma
This exciting consolidation allows Fulgent to forge a path toward fully integrated precision medicine offerings with an oncology focus.
Our Mission
To develop and commercialize innovative anti-cancer
therapies that shift the field of cancer treatment toward
more effective and more personalized medicine.


Fulgent Pharma began as Fulgent Therapeutics in Temple City, California, in June 2011. As the company progressed into the sphere of personalized medicine, it also started delving into clinical genetic testing - a natural complement.

In 2016, Fulgent Therapeutics split into two separate entities - Fulgent Pharma and Fulgent Genetics - in order to better pursue their independent objectives.

Today, Fulgent Pharma is fully focused on perfecting drug candidates for treating a broad range of cancers. Our partners in this endeavor include the University of Southern California, Moffitt Cancer Center, and ANP Technologies.


Fulgent Pharma is focused exclusively on developing innovative cancer therapies. This focus gives us our edge - a goal we work toward at all stages of the development and testing process.

Our current pipeline features three unique drug platforms: nanoencapsulated chemotherapy drugs, targeted therapies for leukemia, and small-molecule-based immuno-oncology drugs.

We believe that by merging cancer therapeutics with complementary fields like nanotechnology and next generation sequencing, we can push the boundaries of personalized medicine and achieve better clinical outcomes.